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Youth Officer
Cavan Adult Education Services
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Telephone: 049 4361881
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So What is Youth Work?

Under the Youth Work Act 2001, the definition of youth work is:

A planned programme of education designed for the purpose of aiding and enhancing the personal and social development of young people through their voluntary participation, which is complimentary to their formal, academic or vocational education and training; provided primarily by voluntary youth organisations.

Under government legislation, Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board has a statutory responsibility for the implementation of the Youth Work Act 2001. The Youth Officer in Cavan is responsible for the provision of youth services with Co. Cavan. 

In order to ensure the highest and most comprehensive quality of service is delivered to young people in Co. Cavan, the Youth Officer ensures that there is:

  • Co-ordination of plans, proposals and activities regarding youth work 
  • Provision of financial assistance
  • Preparation a Youth Work Development Plan
  • Compilation of a Youth Work Annual Report
  • Designation, review or withdrawal of designation for local youth work/service organisations
  • Establishment of a Youth Work Committee to advise and make recommendations on the performance of its youth work functions
  • Establishment of a Voluntary Youth Council to advise on matters relating to the Youth Work Development Plan and to act as a forum for voluntary youth organisations

The Youth Service Directory provides a complete list of all Youth Clubs and Groups that are providing youth services within the county, including:

  • Bands
  • Community and Independent Youth Groups
  • Community Games
  • Foroige
  • Macra na Feirme
  • Paid Staff Projects
  • Pioneers Total Abstinence Association
  • Religious Youth Groups
  • Uniformed Organisations


Registration of Youth Groups

Registration with the Youth Services in Cavan is the first step in the co-ordination of youth work provision. The benefits of registration are that it will give youth work organisations access to training, networking, support and information sharing. In addition, from 2008, voluntary youth groups must be registered with the Youth Services in order to be eligible to apply for the Local Youth Club Grant Scheme.

Youth Group Image

Following registration, the Youth Officer will conduct a survey of all youth work programmes, services and activities in their area. Registration is a voluntary process.  

Under the Youth Work Act, a Voluntary Youth Council will be elected for each area. In order to be eligible to vote, a group/club must be registered with the Cavan Youth Services.

You can download a Registration Form here.

Please Note: The registration conditions are outlined in the final page of the application form.  Your application to register will be reviewed by Cavan Youth Services. 




Youth Service Training Programmes 2013

Click here to access the Youth Service Training Programme calendar for 2013.


FETAC Level 5 Youth Work Course 2013

Please contact Lisa on 085-7385951 or click here for further details.


Child Protection Awareness Programme - Good Practice for the Youth Work Sector

Cavan Youth Service in conjunction with the National Youth Council of Ireland are rolling out a Child Protection Awareness Programme - Good Practice for the Youth Work Sector. This training is for volunteers over the age of 18 who work with young people in any of our registered Youth Clubs and Groups throughout the county.


Training Programme Content

Aim: A basic awareness in relation to Child Protection

Session 1

Definition of Youth Work & Child

Legislation and Guidelines

Definitions and Examples of Child Abuse

Other Factors in relation to Child Abuse

Forms of Inappropriate behaviour

Best Practice in Child Protection

Indicators of Concern

National Child Abuse Statistics


Session 2

Recruitment Pathway

Dealing with a Disclosure of Abuse from a Young Person


Reporting Procedures


If your club/group is interested in availing of this training, contact the Youth Services on 049 4361881.




2-hour training session focusing on diversity and exploring issues around racism, sectarianism, prejudice and intolerance delivered by peer trainers

This course aims to explore the issues of diversity, challenge prejudice and discrimination, promote equality and nonprejudice behaviour and explore positive action.

The course will be delivered through a number of participative, interactive and fun exercises, which will include:

Exploring Diversity

Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination

Understanding racism and sectarianism

Exploring ways of reducing prejudice


    At the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

 Describe issues which exist for some minority citizens in Ireland;

 Describe behaviour which amounts to Racism and Sectarianism and the impact of such;

 Explain the variety of responses individuals have to prejudice;

 State the steps young people can take to promote and role model non prejudiced behaviour;

 Explain the importance of language and impact of labelling;

 Explain aspects of Cultural Diversity;

For further information on this training, please contact the Youth Services on 049 4361881.



Local Youth Club Grant Scheme 2013

Advertisement 2013

Information Document 2013

Application Form 2013


Grant Sources

Outside of this there are many avenues local and voluntary youth clubs and groups can investigate when it comes to looking for further funding for their groups.  This handy pocket size Funding Directory may be of some help to leaders.

1. FACE-OFF Project

Face-Off LogoThe FACE-OFF project is for young people aged between 12 and 24 years of age and is designed to build positive relations at a local and cross community level. The project focuses on providing capacity supports to help young people become more integrated and less prejudices towards their counterparts throughout County Cavan. Young people can access and participate in youth activities through two different strands, listed below. This project is staffed by youth worker Natasha Cassidy and Lisa O 'Neill.


Peace III Logos

The FACE-OFF project is run by Cavan ad Monaghan Education and Training Board and is funded by the PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the County Cavan Peace III Peace and Reconciliation Partnership. 

Local Youth Drop-In Service

The Drop In provides a space where young people can engage and interact with other young people from various communities. They are supported by youth workers and have the opportunity to integrate with each other in a comfortable, non-judgemental environment. Activities on offer include computers, computer games, pool, board games, arts and crafts and informal discussions.

Social and Personal Development Programme

Young people engaged in the Face Off project have the opportunity to take part in structured training programmes. The programmes address issues of Culturalism, Relationships, Effective Communication, Sectarianism and Alcohol and Drug Misuse.  


Schedule of Activities



Day/ Time



Cavan Town

Community Youth Projects Cavan,

28A Bridge Street


6:00pm – 8:00pm

On - going


Cavan Town

Community Youth Projects Cavan

28A Bridge Street


6:00pm – 8:00pm


Sectarianism Through Art Project


2. Co. Cavan Youth Consultation Group

Co. Cavan Youth Consultation Group is a representational body made up of all of the Youth Groups in County Cavan.  Members include representatives from Foroige, Macra na Feirme, Pioneeers, Uniform, Religious Groups, Voluntary, Family Resource Centres, Breiffne Integrated and the Council.  The Terms of Reference for Youth Consultation Group


Aim of the Youth Consultation Group:

‘To work collaborately for the benefit of all young people in County Cavan.’


Objectives of the Youth Consultation Group:

To address the needs of young people by providing specific educational workshops/events as highlighted by our young people in the Youth Needs Analysis. 

To further identify the needs of our young people within our individual youth groups

Share information and pool resources

Identify the needs of the youth organisations involved in the group

To work on two identifiable actions a year

To agree a work programme for the youth consultation group



Through developing an awareness and sensitivity to issues of young people ‘Staying Safe’, we believe our programme will equip our young people with life skills and knowledge that will result in a greater parity of esteem and tolerance of others.

Stay Safe Leaflet

Positive Mental Health and Happiness Leaflets


Peace III Logos

Co. Cavan Youth Consultation Group is supported by the European Union’s PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the County Cavan PEACE III Peace and Reconciliation Partnership.